Monday, 30 March 2009


Hello world, after being an avid reader of so many different blogs for a while now i finally decided to start my own (I'm actually starting two but the other one is still under construction).
This will be the home for all my garden stuff, I absolutely love my garden although I'd love more space for more roses and veg and a shed (so all my seeds and tools could stop living in my kitchen).
It was a really nice morning down here in Devon and i saw the first ladybird this year whilst i was tiding up around my tiny little pond (sorry i was to slow with the camera).
I love this time of year when everything starts to grow and all the banks and hedgerows are full of primroses and little leaves start to unfurl on the trees, i get really excited every time i go out side and see something new. One of the things I'm really loving is my cherry tree this is a photo from last year

unfortunately all the grass underneath it has been destroyed by my chickens. The pink camellia to the right of it has just come in to flower so I'm thinking the buds on the cherry should be opening soon.


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