Saturday, 30 January 2010


Well this is a tricky one. The lovely sara over at completely quackers has tagged me (thanks sweetpea x) to a favourite song and not to copy the first line of her post but that is difficult!!!!!
I have so many songs that I'd call my favourites, in fact I have a play list on my computer that is imaginatively called "best songs ever" and it contains over 200.

So let me try and give you 5 in no perticular order (and that is hard).

Well I couldn't have a list without including the doors. If I was pushed to name a favourite band of all time it would have to be the doors I grew up listening to poetic, psychedelic, beauty of jim morrison (I do often think I was born in the wrong era). I have all the albums (including rarities, live performances etc) on C.D and vinyl. There is not a song of there's I don't love, but I shall pick Queen of the highway There is something about this song that just speaks to me.

2. Ok to some this song is a bit cheesy but I love it, and that is Scott mackenzie's San Francisco (can you see a theme here) Ahhh I adore this song is makes me feel so happy. Also this live version contains footage from the incredible 1967 Monterey Pop Festival (how I wish I could have been there alas I wasn't to be born for another 13 years) Watch this video and look out for John Phillips of the mamas and papas wearing an fantastically crazy hat.

3. Jimi Hendrex's All along the watchtower (can you see a theme here) I love the lyrics of this and the hauntingly crying guitar solo is amazing.

4. Right now going way off what you might be imagining I have a bit of a thing for Metallica (only in small doses mind) sometimes a girly girl needs a bit of a shout or needs to feel the cobwebs blown away with a force of a hurricane and Enter sandman does it every time.

5. This is hard, alright David Bowie's Golden years (this is the video from a Knights Tale With the beautiful late Heath Ledger).

Do you know what I have to sneak in one more and that is my new current favourite "why do you let me stay here" By She and Him If I could be any one else other than Kirstan Dunst it would be Zooey Deschanel.

There you go I'll tag anyone who reads my inconsistent ramblings to do the same.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

What the?? it an early birthday present sent by the gods of poultry

This is Sidney

Sidney appeared on the river bank of the field opposite the cottage a week ago.

I was rather confounded. Where had he come from? I have rang around every farm, pub, estate up the river and valley. No one has lost a Muscovy.
I rang the RSPCA and was told as he isn't in distress they can't do anything. So I've checked everyday out of the window to see if Sidney is still there, thinking he might swim back to where he came from.

Sidney has been dabbling about in the flooded grass and swimming about on the river. But come on, do you think I haven't had the heart to go out and give him some food.

Sidney is tame enough to know the shaking of corn in a scoop and come waddling across to me. He almost comes close enough to eat out of my hand but is too flighty to actually do that, I have made one half hearted attempt at catching Sidney but missed and I didn't want to frighten him into flying away somewhere (like the road).

I would love a Muscovy duck but have no where to put him in my field (unless I quickly construct some pre-fab house) The pond falls out of the boundary of my fencing, and a large strange duck will not improve the cockerels temper.

Maybe I should attempt a two person and a net capture mission to rescue Sidney.
I'm also concerned about the twine tangled around his leg (which appears to have been there a while)

I'm also scared about looking out the window to see a pile of feathers (don't want to say the F word).

Hmmm this story will be continued.
Anyone got any suggustions or advice (Sara and John fancy coming down here to help me capture Sidney)

*Sidney is not his real name but I think it suits him and I don't even know if he's a he, he does hiss though.

Friday, 15 January 2010

I'm still here

Flipping blogger has been acting like a damn fool. I've tried to post a blog about 4 or 5 times but it just vanishes........
The weather hasn't been helpful either with power cuts and broadband going off and on.

Anyway enough moaning here's some pictures of the gang looking thoroughly unamused by the snow.

As you can see up top the undergardener has been having great fun in it (glad you like the photo john)

P.S can anyone tell me a way to get photos up without a huge flipping code and to get them where I want in the post instead of said huge code appearing at the top and having to be dragged into place. It used to work fine now its being a right monkey.

P.P.S I know this is 15 days late but HAPPY NEW YEAR

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