Tuesday, 14 July 2009

small but perfectly formed

I've been late (and small scale) with the veg this year due to giving up my allotment in favour of a slice of my mums huge garden. So I'm really pleased with my modest haul from the containers on my courtyard.

I tried growing spuds in an old compost bag, unfortunately it didn't quite go to plan. It fell over a few times and the rain broke all of the stems so 6 spuds is a bit rubbish, but they tasted delicious. They're Red duke of York and I thoroughly recommend them. I planted a huge sack at my veg plot (I used the 3 leftover in the compost bag) to help turn some of the ground over and they're doing really well, although red potatoes in red clay soil are a bit tricky to spot.

1 comment:

Sara said...

You can't beat homegrown veg no matter how modest the harvest is!


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