Sunday, 30 August 2009

The saga of the eggs

Well Friday evening big mama came leaping out of the broody coop so I had a peek inside to be confronted by a truly evil smelling broken egg. So whilst trying valiantly not to throw up I cleared up the mess (even the dog ran away from the stench) and she went back in. So the eggs have been removed I double and triple checked by giving them a little shake (horrible glooby rattle) and candling them. At the moment she's sitting in the box but with the door open, so today I'll be trying to break her broodiness and over the next few days trying to re-integrate her back with the others.

I'm disappointed but these things happen. I'll try again next spring (even more reason for getting a couple of silkies) and I'll be better prepared and organized.

Wish me luck with Ethel, I have a feeling this may not be easy.......


John Gray said...

funny how they will often break a putrid egg!!
glad u like disaster films!!!

which is your fav???

jess said...

Putrid thats a good word.

ohh fav diaster films umm....
Day after tomorrow, inferno (does that count?) oh chessy as anything dantes peak.


John Gray said...

towering inferno......bliss...i could write about it ALL day


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