Thursday, 3 September 2009

The good the bad and the adorable.

So this is definitely Boo (is it me or does she have a similar look in her eye to pixie)

But would you say this is a Rosie? (yes she? is pulling the same face as the last photo)

And do think her behind Boo looks like a lily?

I'm still not sure, any suggestions?


Spicy Cauldron said...

Second pic down looks like a boy, depending on age. Boys develop combs and wattles earlier, so same goes for the one at the back of the third photo - if they're all around the same age?

Are the red-black ones Welsummers? If so, any trace of black on the chest means they are boys. I only know this because I've got two Welsummer chicks and am frustrated that both turned out male; with the other breeds we've hatched, this our first year and last for breeding chicks for at least another year or two, have managed to throw up at least one hen per breed!

jess said...

Hi spicy cauldron,

Please please don't say their boys!

yes their both welsummers about 11/12 weeks old. I'm having a real freak out that all my birds are boys (except for my layers) Mind you I do need a cockeral and a welsummer would be nice.


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