Wednesday, 7 October 2009

When I'm 65 (or nearly 30)

When I first started gardening 10 years ago there was a list of plants I banned from my planting schemes and containers as being old fashioned, old ladyish and twee.
They were:

Standard roses
Bizzie lizzies
and Primulas (the coloured ones.

So is it a sign of old age creeping in that I have a standard rose I adore, Pots of begonias by the front door, an old metal bathtub full of scented carnations, Quite a few Chrysanthemums dotted about and lots of little pots of cuttings and a tray of burgandy Primulas waiting to go in the window boxes. No bizzie lizzies yet though.

I've finally had some rain here which has turned the chicken garden into a bog (poor holly golightlys pom pom hairdo has gone spiky) and given all my poor plants a good drink before I dig them all up. I had planned on spending some time drawing out plans and the like but between one thing and another I haven't got round to it yet. Hopefully that will be a job I can do today as tomorrow's meant to be dry and sunny and unless any thing gets in the way, tomorrow's the day I'll spent in the garden trying to make it all look better.


John Gray said...

old age at 30!!!!
I have socks older than you!!!

Jess said...

I'm actually quite happy to turn 30, maybe I'll start feeling like a grown up. LOL


Sara said...

I hated being 30 - absolutely dreaded it! But, then came 40 which most people find scary & loved it. I couldn't be happier! I can definitely say that my tastes in all sorts of things have changed over the years.


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