Monday, 5 July 2010

Little weekend miracle

On Saturday whilst checking on the gang before going out to (a really rubbish) village fete Isabel came stalking out of her little box shrieking and growling like a mini monster. So (taking my life in hands) I had a peak in the nest and saw one of the eggs had a little crack in it, my first thought was that Isabel had stood in it and broken it, I carefully picked it up and heard it pipping so I popped it back in and left Isabel to it. This was what I was greeted with yesterday morning when I opened the box up.

This is the first set of chicks that I've (you know what I mean) hatched out and I've found the whole thing so incredibly amazing. Sorry to all those that this is old hat to but its mind blowing.
I put three eggs under her as she's so tiny so 2 out of 3 isn't bad. Ben's the daddy but I'm not sure who's eggs I picked out, I can rule out the 2 Welsummers and Maran, Tallulah the bluebell and wonky (her eggs are of a curious shape). I think I tried to avoid picking the 2 Light Sussex's (but can't be 100%) so in theory that leaves Boo the buff Sussex, margo, and sugar and honey the warrens. Hmm will have to wait and see.

Gwenny Fairfax's (the Cornish/Indian game) eggs are due this coming weekend, I put her and Isabel on eggs at the same time but after 6 days Gwenny had somehow got out of her little run and in with the chicks she may have been in there all morning for all I know so I ditched the eggs and replaced them with some fresh ones. She is being really sweet and docile which is very unlike her usual feral nature. I hope it may long continue and that she is as lovely to her babies as Isabel is.

Jess x


Isabelle - Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

How exciting it must be to see those cute little chicks popping out of their eggs. Miss P would love it if we had chickens in the garden...
I see the Good life picture on your sidebar, great series! I love it.
Take care
Isabelle x

John Gray said...

congratulations mommie!!!
the first of many more believe me.......its addictive


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