Friday, 5 February 2010

Duck tales

Well Sidney is still here living in the field opposite the cottage spending his nights somewhere down river, but always appearing for breakfast and supper.

But whats this??????

It would appear Sidney has invited a friend along to tea.

So if Sidneys appearance over a month ago wasn't curious enough, now the I have mystery of 'where has his girlfriend come from?' (I'm assuming she's a lady, not having the curly feathers in her tail)

Whats Sidney up to? Is he swimming up and down the river inviting stray ducks to dine at jess's sucker for lost creatures cafe?

I have this horrible feeling of waking up one morning opening the curtains and finding the field full off all manner of waterfowl waiting for breakfast to be served.

Right must dash its almost chicken bedtime.

jess x

P.S does anyone have any idea of what breed she (or he) is?


Chicken Boys said...

You're one lucky duck! LOL No idea, but she's a pretty one. I've heard of that with cats or even dogs, but not ducks! good luck with that.

John Gray said...

she's a beauty and I have not the foggiest what breed she is

feed them both well, and they will stay!!!!!
(ducklings soon me thinks!!!)

Sara said...

Te! He! Looks like your strong animal magnetism is at work here! What a beautful duck, such gorgeous markings. I have never seen one like that before. Sidney certainly has good eye for the ladies! At this rate you could open your own duck sanctuary & charge for cream teas! I do hope the happy couple have happy ending. Sara xx


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