Friday, 26 February 2010

shock horror a nonchicken or garden related post

So last week at the pub (birthday drink with friends) we got on to that old chestnut, all of us children of the eighties reminisce about. Kids TV and cartoons.
Kids tv and cartoons are terrible nowadays, not like in my day.

He man (I was more a she-ra kinda girl)
Gummi bears
Jem and the holograms (I had all the dolls)
Dungeons and dragons.

Ok so I'll stop listing all my favourites, but if you watched kids TV in the 80's I hope you know what I mean.

To me part of it is the animation, beautiful drawn animation, none of this sou less, CGI rubbish (although I do love pixars Bugs life. For this reason as well as many others I adore the gorgeous studio ghibli films.

I started waxing lyrical about a film I loved when I was little, called
the last unicorn, which I had on an old recorded VSH tape (sadly it stopped working years ago). I first saw this when I was about 6. Everything about its beautiful, the animation, the heartbreaking beautiful story, the voices, the soundtrack, by America.

Anyway this morning an amazon parcel came to my door. Yep my lovely mate had got me a copy. When I opened up the box I started crying, hubby just rolled his eyes at me.

So later this evening I shall snuggle up on the sofa and mourn for my lost childhood and believe in unicorns again. I might even fish labyrinth out and watch that to or even Legend

Go on click on the links you know you want to........

jess x


Magic Cochin said...

Oh dear, you've made me feel very very old ...

I've not heard of any of those...

I'm the Top Cat generation ;-)


Jess said...

Oh celia, Top cat rules!!!!!


Pixiedust said...

I'm with you jess some of my favourites were Jamie and his magic torch, Fragle Rock and the Pink Windmill.....theres somebody at the door lol. xxxx Pixie xxxx


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