Thursday, 25 March 2010

"And they call it puppy lurveeee"

Oh poor alfie

The neighbours have a yorkshire terrier girl, her name is lily. Alfie loves lily.
But this week lily has come on heat.
Alfie is beside himself with a broken heart.
He won't eat, won't sleep, showed no interest in his denta-stick.
Poor alfie.
Everytime lily goes for a walk in the across the road alfie sits in the window and crys and whines and howls.
I mean proper howling.
Whenever the kitchen door is opened he runs outside and sits on a flowerpot by the fence whimpering for lily.
Whilst he's sat there she is sat on the window sill looking down at him, whining.
Its like the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet.

But don't worry alfie if I win the euro million lottery tomorrow I'll buy you a little french fancy, she can be your girlfriend.

seriously how cute is she, I love her ears.

jess x

1 comment:

John Gray said...

great to read your new blog...

that puppy with the big ears!

it would get laughed out of my house mymy terriers


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