Tuesday, 30 March 2010

could I ask you for some help?

So I will be posting an update on my little bundles of fluff tomorrow. However I need some help first with the latest additions, 4 little bluebell pullets. The little sods have started pecking (more like ripping out) each others tail feathers, I've just sprayed them all with purple spray as there was blood, but I was wondering if anyone can recommend the best thng to use to stop this, as tomorrow I can get to the feed store to pick something up.

Antipeck spray ?
stockholm tar ?
Yellow sulpher cream?

As there isn't one main offender I can't seperate them, so tomorrow I'll move them to a huge run with plenty of things to try and distract them.

But any advice would be a huge help.

jess x

P.S that little jezabel yorkie next door has come of heat so alfie has returned to his normal naughty self, and sadly I didn't win the euromillions so won't be buying a papillion this week


John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

seperate them! thats the only true way..then you will know who is the ring leader!
I use stockholm tar.....but gave up! the bright red antibacterial spray helps a little but I found seperation the only answer...
you ok??????

Jess said...

Thanks john, I'll pop the one with the most damage in a run with the 2silkies (who are looking and acting more and more boyish everyday)and give them all some stuff to distract them.


John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

whats up jess?
u ok????

Ruralrose said...

Hi Jess - came here from John Gray's blog. Do you have a red heat lamp? This will disguise the blood, very quick and easy trick to stop pecking. The pecking happens when they are over crowded or missing micro nutrients. Do you feed them oats, this is very calming. Apple cider vinegar add to the food helps too. I always put kelp granules in their food too. I don't separate my birds unless it is going to be permanent, they have to learn to get along together from the beginning here otherwise reintroduction starts the fighting again. Good luck, peace

Jess said...

Hi ruralrose, thanks for the advice, will try them on some oats and kelp.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

how is it going?>????


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