Friday, 28 May 2010


So first it was the naughty puppy chewing plants, then the chickens destroying the lawn and up rooting shrubs, then ducklings squashing and flattening flowers and now I have these hooligans.

Please pray for the integrity of my fence.

jess x


John Gray said...

I have a front garden which is small and A no go area for ANY ANIMAL...ITS my only real garden escape!!!
thanks for being so sweet about maddie

Jess said...

That must be lovely john an animal free zone. Oh BTW that scrubby bit of dirt I'm standing on is my fledgling salad patch so far the dog hasn't dug any thing up or pee'd on the peas (i hope)

hugs to maddie x

Danny said...

Hi Jess, I love it when you said "don't you moo at me!"
You have a lovely, enjoyable blog.
Thank you.


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