Wednesday, 1 April 2009

happiness is a noisy little brown bird

I got woken up really early today by my puppy, (somebody didn't shut the door properly last night) after sorting him out and then getting back into bed I was then kept awake by bird tweeting outside the bedroom window, really noisy birds who wouldn't stop tweeting so I got up.
whilst making a cup of tea the flipping scratching in the wall started up
(ok so I live in an old cottage with eaves and beams and old brickwork and over the winter we've had cheeky little wood mice coming in and living in the walls)
So fast forward half and hour or so and I'm siting in the kitchen watching the birds feeding in the garden and i see this unusual brown and grey bird hanging of the peanuts, then another and another .
in my garden
ok so to most people that wouldn't be that exciting but in the two years I've lived here I've never seen a sparrow, ducks yes, barn owls sometimes, a family of buzzards that sit on the fence posts all the time (and many other birds that you don't often see in most gardens), but never sparrows. Anyway they were the culprits tweeting outside the window and hopefully making the noise in the wall under the eaves.

If your wondering why I' so excited it's because in the last few years the once common sparrow has been on the decline, I only ever see them in towns and villages never this far out in the sticks. Also it makes me happy to think that this little troop of birds likes the look of my garden and wants to make their home in my brickwork

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