Monday, 27 April 2009


Finally it's raining, ok so I've been loving the sunshine we've had these past few weeks everything in the garden has been loving these warm sunny days but I've noticed a few plants looking a bit droopy so hooray rain, no need to lug the watering can around.

But boo, because now I have no excuse not to catch up on all the housework I've neglected. Also double boo because I'd planned on sowing more veg and doing some much needed pricking out of the veg seedlings fighting for space in my little plastic greenhouse.

This year I'm starting a new veg garden in a stolen part of my mothers garden, the area she's kindly donated to me used to hold a swimming pool (one of those giant upright inflatable things) so digging the ground is seriously hard work and incredibly hard soil so hopefully this rain will soften it up a bit too. Hopefully I can post some before and after photos soon (and hopefully the baby seedling will have a home soon as well).

So I'm off to do some boring housework and then plan my summer bedding schemes after having an exciting day yesterday buying bedding plants. Hopefully the rain will stop later or all my tulips will fall over.

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