Monday, 14 December 2009

Dear santa,

This year has I've been pretty good so I would like

A new pair of wellies and some thick stripy socks to go underneath them

A spade, one of those with a heart shape blade

A new wheel for my barrow

Approx 200 metres of electric poulty fencing

A 3 apple, apple tree grafted onto dwarf root stock

A new garden bench

A trio of Indian runner ducks

A lionhead and a black and white dwarf lopeared (I'd call them bigwig and fiver)

A cath kidston teacosy

and Guitar hero Metallica (I asked for this last year too)

My naughty puppy would like a big rawhide bone and either a JRT or westie girlfriend

My chickens would like a big bag of corn and a big bowl of roast potatos

And Mr lovely husband would like some peace and quiet.

I leave you a nice glass of homemade sloe gin and a few mince pies but I'll have to leave them in the biscuit tin in case those damn mice get em.

lots of love jess x


John Gray said...

I will send you some fertile runner duck eggs in the spring if you would like!!!
a late pressie I know, but ideal to put under your broody hens!!!
nice list,,,...I would like everything on it too!!!!

John Gray said...

and I am serious!

Jess said...

John, you sir are a legend!
Thank you thats so kind of you, we'll discuss this in the spring.


Sara said...

So nice to have you back! I understand now why you've had bit of a time of it. I'm too scared to buy any more hatching egss because I know without a shadow of a doubt that I couldn't do any dispatching (neither could hubby LOL!)& we already have enough cockerels now that @spicycauldron's 4 have joined us. Strictly only sexed birds for me for a while now! I hope that things settle down for you & that Santa will bring you lots of lovely gifts for Xmas. Keep your dream in your heart - you may have had a rough start but one day you'll have a fabulous smallholding to be proud of. Love n big hugs, Sara xxxx


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