Thursday, 10 December 2009

oh dear.....

I well and truly lost my blogging mojo.
I think its a combination of having a really crap time recently and feeling unwell.
Now things seemed to have turned a corner but I'm up to my eyes in christmas stuff and haven't got time to do any thing else when I up to my eyes in baking, sewing, knitting and gift wrap.

Also I really lacking inspiration for words. When its just me and the dog and chickens all day I don't need to be eloquent.

But Before christmas is through I WILL post up some bits and bobs about winter plants and and long over due update on my mini smallholding.

Hopefully the new year will re-inspire me.

love jess x


John Gray said...

It's horrible being "under par" and no one but you will know how tiring it can be....
hope you are feeling better soon
take care of yourself

hey ho

Jess said...

Thanks john xxx

Sara said...

Sweetheart, you need to get those Christmas tunes going again & dance around your kitchen in a swirl of icing dust! Forget about everything past, just enjoy your Xmas & trust in the angels that watch over you to make things good again in 2010. Big hugs, Sara


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