Monday, 28 December 2009

Have yourself a merry chicken Christmas

Well I hope everyone had a gorgeous Christmas.
I'm just popping in quickly to share one of my presents!!!!!

Remember my beautiful little lady Holly Golightly

Well at about 8.00 Christmas morn, I let my little darlings out the house, in my candy cane pyjamas, baileys and milk in hand. My beautiful fluffy princess came out clucking and chattering away to as I threw in a handful of corn. Looked me straight in the eye puffed out her sweet little chest and let out an enormous "COCK-A-DODDLE-DO"

To say I wasn't amused would be putting it lightly!!!!!
Oh well merry Christmas Holly Golightly or as she now is Bing Crosby.

Good job I have a sense of humour, and on the bright side I can tell you that the new year will hold some more silkie's (point of lay I think) and Bing can have a kingdom of his own with some fluffy angels and they can hatch some fluffy babies.

I'm excited already.

jess xxx


Sara said...

Oh cripes! What a surprise! Wonder if my fluff bundles have any shocks in store for me LOL! Sounds like we will both be building kingdoms of silkie heavenliness in the New Year. Have a good one lovely lady. I wonder what adventures we will share in 2010? I'm excited too xxxx

John Gray said...

sods law

nita x said...

he is gorgeous though jess and will make great looking babies , your so lucky you can keep him :o)
wish id been able to keep toffee and squeek but alas not allowed. id have risked loosing my 8 hens if i had.

cant wait to see your new ones when they arrive :o)

John Gray said...

love the new photo on the blog title


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