Wednesday, 7 April 2010


So this was the babies a week and a half ago...........

They look nothing like that now. Well except the little Auracana and the little silvery one and the little stripy one. I have no idea what the little stripy one is, which is kinda cool because it will be a surprise when suddenly I look at little 'tommy' (he/she looks like a little tommy) and realise what he/she is, (I have a few ideas). I think the little silver one could possibly be a silver spangled hamburg, I have no idea why I think that I just do. All of the rest are light sussexs except one big fluffy buff orpington.
They are just over 3 weeks old now and turning into right little hooligans, I'll give them until the sunday after next and they go outside and spent their days in the garden until they can join the field gang.

But first I need to straignten up the garden I currently have the little bluebell with the pecked vent destroying what was left of my lawn (being kept company by one of the little silkies, who I'm certain are both boys) I thought it best to separate her until she heals up well, luckily its just superficial damage. I established the ring leader of the feather pecking but she seems to have calmed down now, the Stockholm tar helped, except when I got it all over the kitchen floor.

Right I really must go and finish re-planting this border, I'm so lacking in inspiration at the moment, thanks to being stressed and tearful last week. Thankfully things are brighter this week.

Jess x

P.S I try and get some photos later today of the babies, that's if I can get them to stay still longer than 10 seconds

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Chicken Boys said...

I love hatching our baby chicks. We've got six right now. More to come this year.


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